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The Nick is a faye, or fairy, who makes his living as a thief. He broke into the royal palace intending to make off with anything of value, but ended up encountering the lonely Princess Tonbo.

They fell in love, and he returned to visit her. He was eventually caught an imprisoned. Tonbo then used her own abilities to send her spirit animal, a dragonfly, to give him the key to his cell so he could escape.

When Tonbo was held captive by Kuroyama, The Nick was called to be her Champion and sought the sword of Sg'mr Ch'k the dragon god to rescue her. However, Kano beat him to it and became the champion of Fuuka, Tonbo's soul.

The Nick has continued to travel with Kano and his group to rescue Tonbo and to defeat Kuroyama. The Nick and Tonbo now go at it like rabbits whenever they have even the smallest amount of free time between battles.


The Nick has light brownish skin, iridescent dragonfly wings, one good eye (the left) which is purple, the right eye is closed by a scar. His hair varies between blue and green, sometimes more blue, sometimes more green, sometimes green roots with purple ends. His pointed ears have three purple triangles along the edge.