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Princess Tonbo is the chosen mortal vessel of the goddess Tcaolin, the Queen Soul, who sleeps within her.[1] She is the one who summoned Kano to the Grey World to act as her Champion. She does not want to become the new vessel of Tcaolin, and her struggles to resist her fate set in motion much of the story.

Tonbo spent most of her childhood locked away in a tower to preserve her for her future duty as the vessel of a goddess. Her life was lonely and dull until the Nick came to rob her. They quickly fell in love, and when he was caught, she used her power to manifest her spirit animal, a dragonfly, to bring him a key and release him.

As the vessel of Tcaolin, Kuroyama seeks to steal her body and soul to subsequently steal Tcaolin's power once the Ritual of Bonding is complete. Tonbo sought to escape both the gods that sought to control her by summoning Kano as a Champion and by hiding her soul within him.[2]

As Kuroyama's prisoner, she was kept chained to General Ka-Mang of the Chains until the Monster was killed by Red.[3] When she is recovered, her mouth is missing.  Later, the Nick returns to bring her body away before the demon armies attack and recapture her, but he is unable to whisk her away before Tcaolin herself can find her. Tcaolin notices that Tonbo's soul is no longer present and give her mouth back to attempt to drag her soul's location out of her, but Tonbo refuses.


Princess Tonbo is a dark-skinned young woman with flowing purple hair. Initially, her face had three triangle marks (one of the forehead and one on each cheek) as a mark of her servitude to Tcaolin. These marks have since faded as she is beginning to break free of Tcaolin's control. She usually wears long flowing robes in the real world.

Inside Kano's mind, she does not bear the marks of her servitude. She dress there in a short and simple dress. Her spirit animal form is of a rainbow dragonfly.


When Kano first meets Tonbo's soul wandering within his mental landscape, she tells him that her true name is "Fuuka" and not to use that name unless he needs to call upon her.[4] This does not stop Kid from referring to her by that name, and Fuuka still refers to herself as Princess Tonbo on occasion.[5]