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Orbkiller's Ice Boulder, Detail Shot

Orbkiller acts as the guardian of the Snowfield Zone, a stark landscape where it is always deep winter, and the restless corpses of murdered women and girls lurk just beneath the surface of the snow. She is chained by the foot to a giant chunk of ice in the middle of a neverending blizzard. The ice appears to have a body frozen inside of it.

She is unmistakably dead herself. Her eyes are obscured by a band of blackened skin that encircles her bald head. Her breasts have been mutilated, her right arm is skeletonized to the point that it eventually falls off completely, and she is clearly undergoing the early stages of decomposition, even  in the constant cold of the Snowfield. She wears no clothing, but always has red lipstick on, and she chainsmokes whenever possible. Before she met Fuuka, she wore mittens and a spiked armor piece. When Orbkiller could not convince the princess to turn back and save her own life, she gave Fuuka the equipment, and the power to transform them as needed.

She has indicated that she was murdered by "the killer with a thousand faces" but that she was never broken by him, and that is why she alone is strong enough to guard the Snowfield and the dead women who rest there. She died full of rage, and now protects weaker victims from further indignities.

When Kano needed to rescue Fuuka from being raped by Red, Orbkiller lent aid by forcing Kano to confront Red's memory of torturing and murdering her. By doing so, the line between the two was blurred, and Kano was able to borrow some of Red's bloodlust, as well as the tire iron from the flashback itself. He used this to beat Red to a bloody pulp, and would have killed him had Fuuka not stopped him. She changed Orbkiller's gloves and armor into a glass cage, with Red trapped inside. This outcome, while not what she might have hoped for, at least temporarily removed him as a threat.

Since the conflict with Red, the once-eternal blizzard has stopped in the Snowfield Zone. Temperatures are rising quickly and Orbkiller fears that her dead girls will soon be uncovered from their peaceful resting places.