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The Dream Walker is one of the five gods and possibly the strangest of the five that have been encountered in person. She is said to govern the spiritual.[1]

The Dream Walker is better know as "Dee" since that's how she refers to herself. Dee's first appearance in the strip is when she intervened in the fight between Djannko and Dali-Dalai to save the young godling.[2] She returned 11 chapters later to test Kano as a Champion, bestow her Weapon power upon Cho, and reunite the healed Djannko[3] with his/her littermate and mother.

Dee has a mercurial and gleeful personality. She speaks very cryptically in non-metered rhymes, and refers to herself in the third person. Unlike Dark, she does this deliberately to be cute.

Her strongest power is that of clairvoyance (even though she currently has no actual eyes). She is able to produce and manipulate golden threads to bind and capture people. She likes to use her claws to fight, though we've only really seen this when she chose to test Kano's skill in battle. Unfortunately, she poisons her nails and "forgets" about it, but carries an antidote in the form of lipstick.[4] (See previous comment about mercurial personality.)

Dee blames herself and Tree for creating the plague that spurred the Old Ones to blanket the Gray World beneath a layer of trees.[5]

Dee chose Cho to act as her Champion, which Cho reluctantly accepts after being told her father nominated her for the position of Kano's guardian and after being reminded of how helpless he is without her.[6]

Her golden thread can also be used for healing purposes. Bodies wrapped in the thread are suspended in time while their injuries are healed, and this process has the added benefit of allowing the patient's soul to wander freely in Dee's realm of dreams (and occasionally interact with the dreams of others).

She is a great lover of animals, and owns at least eight cats, four of whom are named Kitty .


Dee appears as a tall, coffee-and-cream skinned elven woman with long, glossy, black hair that goes down to at least her calves. She wears golden covers on the tips of her long ears, and has abnormally long fingers tipped with vicious golden claws. She wears a purple and blue dress with an enormous bustle that conceals the shape of her body below the waist. She has two blue-painted horns growing from her temples, one of which has been fitted with small rings from which she hangs a small transparent veil. The other horn is broken or filed down to a stub close to the skin. Her eyes are currently missing, having been sent out into the world and subsequently lost. She can apparently still see without them, and appears untroubled by their absence.

She is depicted in temple statues as a woman with the lower body of a spider.[7][8]