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As graceful as she gets.


Ready for battle.

Cho is one of the Old Ones and Kano's primary protector. She was recommended for the job by her father, over the initial objections of Dreamwalker and Firefox.[1] Unlike many of her kind, she cannot perform much in the way of magic and is instead a fearsome hand-to-hand fighter, skilled with her own claws and spears. As Kano's protector, she's often the one responsible for filling him (and the reader) in about many details of the setting.

Cho seems to have some kind of interest in humans and has a collection of items from Earth in her home, including clothes and magazine clippings.[2] Moko tells Starless that she's crazy about humans and always dragging their things home.[3] She seems to have developed a crush on Kano at first sight, though she heavily denies the fact. On the other hand, she dislikes Red intensely and finds Kid a little exasperating if still cute.

Cho has a pretty short temper and little patience, willing to smack around people who irritate her. Conversely, she is fair-minded, loyal, and honorable to a fallen enemy. Despite her temper and love of a good fight she seems to be one of the more level-headed and grounded people on the protagonist's side. She is also an ideal complement for Kano's spacey shirking of violence, Red's villainous, and Kid's childish natures all at once.

Cho's best friend is Mindi, and her family own the land Cho lives on.[4] Moko is her younger half-sister by way of her father, Chief High Wind IV, who married Moko's mother after Cho's died.[5]


Cho is a woman with nut-brown skin and blond hair. She has long elven ears, with great furry tufts of blond hair coming from them and a bushy, blond tail. She has prominent fangs that show when she grins, which is often. She has small, colorful feathered wings that she can grow to allow herself to fly while carrying another person. Cho has a small chest, which Red teases her about, and a fairly curvy backside.

Cho changes clothing very frequently through the series. She tends to dress in clothes that resemble a bikini with diaphanous sleeves on the arms and legs for maximum freedom of movement. She also seems to like some sort of loose hat or kerchief.

Cho is also frequently nude or topless as a running gag / fan-service opportunity due to either clothing damage from fighting, turning into a tree to heal wounds, or much-hated baths. She seems to have relatively little nudity taboo, though she doesn't like being leered at and is much more shy about nudity around Kano than she is around men she doesn't particularly like, such as Red.